Working on the Creep Electrostatic Levitator (CrESL)

Dante G Quirinale

R&D Staff - Development Scientist

Dante Quirinale is a scientist in the High Temperature Sample Environment group in the Neutron Sciences Division.  He obtained his B.S. in Physics and Mathematics from SUNY Buffalo and his Ph.D. in Condensed Matter Physics from Iowa State University. He joined the (then) Instrument Methods, Projects, and Technologies group in 2017 as a postdoctoral research associate, focusing on the development and support of the Neutron Electrostatic Levitator, as well as its associated research program.  In 2019 he converted to a staff position in support of the LDRD "Novel Environment for Contactless Creep Measurement at High Temperature", working on design and construction of the Creep Electrostatic Levitator.


Dante leads the development of the Neutron Sciences levitation program, which includes support of the existing offline and NOMAD aerodynamic levitators, the Neutron Electrostatic Levitator (NESL), construction and testing of the Creep Electrostatic Levitator (CrESL), subcontractor support of the aero-acoustic levitator (AAL) SBIR, support of the Iowa State University Solution Electrostatic Levitator (SESL) project, preliminary implementation of acoustic levitation systems, and ongoing development of high pressure-high temperature hybrid systems such as the high pressure electromagnetic levitator.  He actively investigates current high temperature metrology, implementing novel thermometry and heating instrumentation, and supports in the development of unique high temperature systems across both HFIR and SNS.  In addition, he provides user support for high temperature experiments, co-chairs the High Temperature Steering Committee, develops safety protocols, and functions as a safety reviewer for high temperature experiments.


Research interests include the development of techniques for processing and characterization at high temperature, including levitation furnaces, advanced thermometry, and unconventional furnace materials.  Research programs also focus on the in-situ studies of the kinetics of metastable phase transitions and novel properties of the liquid phase (including magnetic ordering and prenucleation clustering).

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