Daniel M Ricciuto

Group Leader, Earth Systems Modeling

Dr. Daniel's Ricciuto's main research interest is the application of uncertainty quantification (UQ) techniques to land-surface models with the goal of improving model algorithms, parameterization and predictive skill at multiple spatial scales using ecosystem observations.  Dr. Ricciuto works with an interdisciplinary team including experts in ecosystem experiments, terrestrial modeling, mathematics and computer science to develop UQ and calibration frameworks for the Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM) that takes maximum advantage of ORNL’s high-performance computing resources.  Specifically, he is applying new model algorithms and model-data fusion using SPRUCE experiment observations in E3SM, as well as other site observations from eddy covariance sites and regional observations from remote sensing.  Recently, he has expanded these frameworks to study terrestrial-aquatic interfaces and land-atmosphere interactions.  He is also applying these techniques to design model-informed observation networks that maximize the value of potential new measurements in reducing model uncertainty.  Dr. Ricciuto received his PhD in meteorology from Pennsylvania State University in 2006, coming to ORNL is 2007 as postdoctoral associate and transitioning to a staff position in 2010.  He became group leader of the new Earth Systems Modeling group in 2020.