Cyril V Thompson

Cyril V Thompson

Research Staff Scientist, Applied Technology Group


  • Project manager for Consequence Management plans and programs
  • Design, development, assembly and deployment of instrumentation for trace chemical analysis
  • Parametric design and 3-D modeling in AutoCAD Inventor, Dassault Solidworks
  • Development of analytical methods/laboratory expertise
  • Field deployment of scientific instrumentation
  • Software: Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, Word, Inventor, Simion, Solidworks
  • Efficient use of time, organized
  • Specialize in parts and materials procurement
  • Good oral and written communication skills


1985 – Present - Research Staff Scientist, Chemical Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN 37831

  • Design, development, and implementation of project for canine behavior characterization
  • Design and development of Flame Spray Pyrolysis for mixed metal oxides
  • Design and development of micro glass bead generator
  • Design and development of Cart Portable Mass Spectrometer for field analysis of Uranium isotope ratios
  • Design and development of ORNL Electromagnetic Ion Separator (EMIS) device.
  • Project manager for DTRA project - Consequence Management Capabilities For The Chemical And Biological Defense Program.
  • ORNL Project manager for DHS multi-laboratory Facility Restoration Operational Technology Development Project.
  • Design, development, and testing of field, miniature, and specialty mass spectrometers – principal hardware designer for CBMS-II.
  • Procurement of materials, parts for instrument fabrication and support.
  • Familiarity with ASME 14.5, drafting standard.Field deployment, servicing, trouble-shooting of a variety of scientific instrumentation.
  • Research involving detection, analysis of Chemical Warfare Agents for over ten years.
  • Development of novel vacuum system for field deployment of mass spectrometers.
  • Design, development, and field testing of novel sampling and analysis instrumentation for organics in environmental samples.
  • Generation and testing of controlled atmosphere gas samples - field sampling for trace levels of volatile organic compounds and toxic gases.
  • Use of thermal desorption GCMS, direct sampling mass spectrometry of environmental samples for trace organic chemicals, and portable GC for analysis of environmental samples.
  • Use of laser ablation FTMS for analysis of metal isotopes.
  • Competence with Windows 95 - 10, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.
  • Extensive experience with AutoCAD Mechanical Desktop and Inventor, Dassault Solidworks (expert in 3-D modeling and parametric design), and SIMION 7.0 (ion optics simulation).
  • Hardware and software installation and trouble-shooting for PCs.
  • Technical writing for analytical methods and publications.
  • Computer software programming in Visual-Basic.
  • Assist in development of patent applications, conduct patent searches, assist in developing licenses of patented technology.
  • Security clearance (Q).

1991 – 1994 - Information Management Services, Inc., Oak Ridge, TN 37830

  • Indexing of technical papers for DOE OSTI databases in the areas of chemistry and environment.

1989 – 1991 - Pellissippi State Technical Community College, Knoxville, TN 37923

  • Adjunct faculty teaching freshman chemistry courses and laboratories.

1984 – 1985 - University of Tennessee, Knoxville / Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN 37831

  • Measurement of trace levels of organic gases
  • Field sampling of components of indoor air pollution
  • Instrument maintenance
  • Minor computer programming


MS (1985), Organic Chemistry, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN

BS (1981), Chemistry, Lee College, Cleveland, TN

Martin Marietta Energy Systems Technical Achievement Award for the development of Direct Sampling Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry (1993).

R & D 100 Award for the Chemical and Biological Mass Spectrometer Block-II Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer (2000).

UT-Battelle Technical Achievement Award for the development of the Chemical and Biological Mass Spectrometer - Block II (2000).

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Ten applications pending