Colleen M Iversen

Colleen Iversen

Colleen M Iversen

Senior Staff Scientist


I am an ecosystem ecologist who uses a variety of field and laboratory techniques to understand and predict how ecosystems are shaped by climatic change. Specifically, I work at the root-soil interface to investigate how atmospheric and climatic change alters belowground carbon and nutrient cycling. Please visit my website for more information:


Early Career Fellow of the Ecological Society of America ( (2017): 'Elected for her leadership and creativity in linking experimentation and modeling to advance ecological understanding of the influence of fine plant roots on the fate of vast pools of carbon and nutrients held in the soils of diverse biomes.'

Stanley I. Auerbach Early-Career Award for Excellence in Environmental Sciences. Environmental Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (2012).

Finalist in New Phytologist Tansley Medal competition (2010) for mini-review: Iversen CM (2010), New Phytologist 186: 346-357. Highlighted in Woodward & Hetherington ‘The New Phytologist Tansley medal’, New Phytologist 186: 263-264.

Distinguished Achievement Award for Post-Graduate Research. Environmental Sciences Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (2009).


Fine-Root Ecology Database (FRED;

Spruce and Peatland Responses Under Climatic and Environmental change (SPRUCE;

Next Generation Ecosystem Experiments - Arctic (NGEE Arctic;


For a full list of publications, please visit my website at: or visit my Google Scholar profile.

Recent publications:


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