Chris Bryan

Chris D Bryan

Section Head - Radioisotope Production Engineering and Analysis

Chris currently leads the Radioisotope Production Engineering and Analysis Section in the Radioisotope Science and Technology Division where methods and techniques are developed and implemented to supply critical radioisotopes for industrial and medical use.

Chris joined Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s (ORNL’s) Research Reactors Division in September of 2009 with the goal of increasing utilization of the High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR) core for isotopes and materials capsules. One week after arriving, he became involved in the Mo-99 supply shortage, and soon after, U.S. efforts to establish domestic production of Mo-99 without the use of highly enriched uranium. He then led ORNL’s Mo-99 efforts for the National Nuclear Security Administration program for 10 years. In 2010, Chris participated in early-stage discussions regarding production of Pu-238 in HFIR, and subsequently led target development and qualification and the eventual first production irradiation in 2013. Chris has shepherded other ORNL projects including the installation of PROSPECT, a 75,000 lb. antineutrino detector in the HFIR building and the redesign of the HFIR permanent reflector to accommodate more targets for Pu-238 production.

In 2020, Chris participated in planning the HFIR pressure vessel replacement, extending the operating life of HFIR well beyond the year 2100, and led a LDRD project to conceive and plan new or enhanced HFIR facilities that could improve ORNL’s scientific capabilities coincident with or following a pressure vessel replacement.

Chris is a mechanical engineer with BS from the University of Cincinnati and MS from Ohio State University. Immediately following school, Chris spent 17 years in various roles leading and developing medical devices, consumer products, appliances, and industrial equipment.