Charlotte N Barbier

Research Scientist

Charlotte Barbier is a Mechanical Engineering Researcher in the Spallation Neutron Source Division at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Her expertise is in the field of Fluid Mechanics and heat transfer, with experience in computational fluid dynamics and in experimental fluid mechanics. Dr. Barbier has worked on a variety of fields/industries, including: Hard Disk Drives, Biology, Bio-Inspired sensors, Naval Research, ITER, Climate change, and neutron production. In 2015, she joined the Neutron Science Directorate in the Target team and has been performing simulations and experiments to support target development. Since 2017, she has been the R&D manager for the Proton Power Upgrade.

She has a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Centrale Lille, France, and a PhD in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from the University of Virginia.

2018 ORNL Significant Event Award

2015 ORNL Significant Event Award

2011 Secretary of Energy Achievement Award

2010 ORNL Significant Event Award

2004 Founder's Prize and Grant from the American Academy of Engineering