Cary Crawford

Cary E Crawford

Director, Nuclear Nonproliferation Division

Cary Crawford began his career at the Pantex Plant in Amarillo, Texas in 1993 as a Statistician in the Safeguards Department and later moved to Albuquerque, NM to work at the US DOE National Training Center as a Nuclear Materials Control and Accountability instructor. Cary joined the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in 2001, taking on multiple roles in the U.S./Russian Material Protection Control and Accounting Program for the National Nuclear Security Administration as well as various other domestic and international MC&A roles across the DOE complex. While focusing on nuclear security over the past ten years, one of his primary interests in this field relates to measuring the effectiveness of an integrated Safeguards and Security System against adversarial attacks from modern, technically proficient, adaptive adversaries, to include the intersection of cyber and physical security.  Cary served as the Technical Group Manager of the Physical Protection Implementation Group from 2005-2015, stewarding the Safeguards and Security capabilities in the National Security Directorate at PNNL. Cary joined the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in January of 2016 as a Program Manager leading security research and development efforts for various nuclear and critical infrastructure capabilities.  In January of 2019, Cary also took on the role of Acting Group Leader for the Safeguards and Security Technology Group within the National Security Sciences Directorate at ORN and in October 2020 became the Section Head for the Nuclear and Radiological Security Section within NSSD.  He has been the Nuclear Nonproliferation Division Director in the National Security Sciences Directorate since January, 2021. Cary is also the Immediate Past President of the Institute for Nuclear Materials Management and is a Fellow of the INMM.