Carly Hansen

Carly H Hansen

Water Resources Engineer

Carly Hansen works in the Water Resources Science and Engineering Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. She has explored water resources challenges ranging from water quality and connections to surface hydrology, limnological processes and climate drivers, urban water use and systems thinking. She has experience in working with diverse water and spatial data to determine patterns and relationships within complex systems that involve both physical processes and human decision making.

She received her PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Utah where she used a variety of remote sensing, statistical analyses, and hydroinformatics tools to evaluate trends and driving factors relevant to short-term monitoring of algal blooms. 

At ORNL, Carly has focused on both built/natural water systems. Recent research efforts include:

  • addressing data quality and national-scale data improvement needs for dams and reservoirs
  • analyzing opportunities and alternatives for dam retrofitting and supporting dataset and tool development to facilitate high-level siting and exploration
  • quantifying storage and evaluating flexibility of reservoir storage
  • exploring factors that contribute to uncertainty in greenhouse gas emissions, ranging from hydroclimate, morphology, water quality, and operational decisions