Carly H Hansen

Water Resource Engineer

Carly Hansen works in the Water Resource Science and Engineering Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Prior to coming to ORNL, she was a postdoctoral researcher and instructor at the University of Utah. She helped develop a systems dynamic model for an urban river basin with the goal of exploring complex interactions between snowmelt-driven hydrologic watersheds, changing climate conditions, urban water use, and receiving waters. She received her PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Utah, where she used a variety of remote sensing, statistical analyses, and hydroinformatic tools to construct a long-term record of inland algal blooms, determine trends, and evaluate which meteorological and hydrologic factors are relevant to short-term monitoring and planning. Additionally, she has used systems models to explore how various urban development, water use, and climate impact engineered water systems. 

At ORNL, Carly uses her background to explore links between built/natural hydrology and hydropower  systems. Recent areas of focus include analysis and classification of large populations of dams and reservoirs (both hydropower and non-powered dams) and using models to explore water quality-related processes and operational decisions that influence greenhouse gas emissions.