Arthur J Ragauskas

Arthur J Ragauskas

Governor's Chair in Biorefining

Arthur Ragauskas held the first Fulbright Chair in Alternative Energy and is a Fellow of American Association for the Advancement of Science, the International Academy of Wood Science and TAPPI. In 2014, he assumed a Governor’s Chair for Biorefining based in University of Tennessee’s Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, with a complementary appointment in the UT Institute of Agriculture’s Department of Forestry, Wildlife, and Fisheries and serves in the US Energy and Environmental Sciences Directorate, Biosciences Division, at ORNL. His research program is directed at understanding and exploiting innovative sustainable bioresources. This multifaceted program is targeted to develop new and improved applications for nature’s premiere renewable biopolymers for biofuels, biopower, and bio-based materials and chemicals. His research program has been sponsored by NSF, DARPA, DOD, USDA, DOE, GA Traditional Industry Program, a consortium of industry partners, and several fellowship programs. His Fulbright sponsored activities at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden were focused on the forest biorefinery and new biofuel conversion technologies for lignocellulosics. Currently, Dr. Ragauskas manages a research group of graduate students, postdoctoral research fellows, a research scientist, and visiting scientists. He is the recipient of the 2014 TAPPI Gunnar Nicholson Gold Medal Award and the ACS Affordable Green Chemistry award and his students have won several awards, including the ACS graduate research award.

Governor’s Chair Biorefining (2014)

TAPPI Gunnar Nicholson Gold Medal Award (2014)

ACS Award for Affordable Green Chemistry (2014)

ORNL Visiting Fellow (2013)

Elected American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellow (2012)

Elected to Academy Board of International Academy of Wood Science (2012)

Fulbright Distinguished Chair in Alternative Energy (2008-2009)

Nominated to National Commission on Energy Policy (2008)

Recipient of 2008 William H. Aiken Research Prize

Served on the Committee on Technologies to Deter Currency Counterfeiting, Board on Manufacturing and Engineering Design, Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences, National Research Council of the National Academies (2005-2006)

Elected Fellow to International Academy of Wood Science (2003)

Elected TAPPI Fellow (2003)

Recipient of Luso-American Foundation teaching fellowship at Departamenta Ciencae Technologia do Papel Universidade da Beira Interior, Covilhã - Portugal (2003)

Invited guest teaching professor at Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden (2001)

Best Poster at International Pulp Bleaching Conference, Halifax (2000)

1999 IPST President’s Award for Education

1999 IPST Teacher of the Year Cited in Marquis Who’s Who in Science and Engineering (1999-present)

Cited in Who’s Who in Plastics and Polymers (2000-2002)

Invited guest professor to Royal Institute of Technology/STFI, Stockholm, Sweden (1998)

Invited guest professor South China University of Technology, Guangzhou, China (1996)

Research Associate Fellowship, National Research Council Canada (1987-1989)

National Science and Engineering Research Council Canada, Postdoc Fellowship (1985-1987)

National Science and Engineering Research Council Canada, Graduate Fellowship (1980-1984)

Chakar, F.S; Ragauskas, A.J., Methods for Reducing Fluorescence in Paper-Containing Samples. Patent # 6,294,047 B1 & 6,387,211 B1 (2001).

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Sannigrahi, P.; Ragauskas, A.J.; Miller, S. J. Chlorine dioxide treatment of biomass feedstock useful in production of biofuel ethanol. U.S. Pat. Appl. Publ. (2012), US 20120040413 A1 20120216; PCT Int. Appl. (2012), WO 2012021725 A1 20120216.