Andrew Worrall

Andrew Worrall

Director, Nuclear Energy Programs

Key Roles:

  • Director, Nuclear Energy Programs
  • Deputy Director, GAIN (Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear)
  • UK Country Co-ordinator, DOE Office of Nuclear Energy

Andrew has more than 30 years of professional experience in the United Kingdom and the United States working and leading in the fields of reactor physics, fuel and core design, plutonium disposition, fuel development and fuel cycle analysis (technical, economics, and safeguards).

He is a Chartered Physicist (CPhys), a Fellow of the Institute of Physics (FInstP), and formerly a Royal Academy of Engineering Professor of Nuclear Engineering in the UK. In December 2014 the US Department of Energy appointed Andrew as the Laboratory Lead Coordinator for nuclear energy research programs between the US and the UK. 

In January 2021 Andrew, as part a multi-laboratory project, was awarded the U.S. Secretary of Energy’s Achievement Award for addressing a grand challenge in the safeguarding of nuclear material is characterizing commercial spent fuel assemblies. In May 2021, he was given the Award for Outstanding Alumni by Lancaster University, UK, for “an outstanding national and international reputation”.

Andrew is the senior leader responsible for providing technical leadership, coordination and integration for the numerous and diverse nuclear energy related fuel cycle R&D activities within the division consistent with existing programmatic missions and emerging opportunities.

His fuel cycle R&D leadership areas of responsibility include nuclear fuel cycle systems analyses for open, limited recycle (such as MOX fuel cycles) and closed fuel cycles, actinide transmutation in thermal and fast reactors and externally driven systems, evaluation of uranium, plutonium and thorium fuel cycles, fuel resources, fuel manufacturing, materials recovery, materials safeguards and security, used fuel management and disposition, and waste forms.

He is a delivery-focused Nuclear Engineer with demonstrated expertise and experience in performing, managing and leading international, multi-disciplinary and multi-agency projects and programs for a range of sponsors in the US and the UK.

Andrew has an extensive track record of working with a range of stakeholders, including sponsors, senior managers, government agencies, universities, regulators, and industry, both domestically and internationally. Experienced in initiating, leading and delivering on multi-organizational and multi-national programs, and is an effective communicator and collaborator.

Andrew is a recognized strategist, able to make complex arguments (technical and strategic) understood by a range of stakeholders and aid/lead them through the decision making process.Specialties include:

  • Nuclear programme management
  • Technical leadership and management
  • Strategist
  • PWR safety and performance and analysis
  • Plutonium management and strategy
  • Fuel cycle assessment
  • Fuel cycle economics
  • Nuclear energy strategy
  • Excellent and effective communicator; making complex, technical issues understandable to all.

Fellow of the Institute of Physics

Chartered Physicist, Institute of Physics

Secretary of Energy’s Achievement Award for contributions to the Department of Energy and the Nation, as part of the Spent Fuel Nondestructive Assay Project Team (January 2021)

Award for Outstanding Alumni, Lancaster University, UK (May 2021)

Member of the American Nuclear Society (current)

Elected to the ANS Reactor Physics Division Executive Committee (current)

Elected Chair, ANS Oak Ridge/Knoxville Local Section (2014)

Member of the ANS

Member of the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management (current)

Member of the INMM Technical Program Committee (current)

Royal Academy of Engineering Professor in Nuclear Engineering, (2009-2014)

Visiting Professor at Imperial College, London (2009-2012)

Laboratory Director Significant Event Award “in recognition of significant contribution to the ORNL-led, multi-laboratory technical assessment of the used nuclear fuel inventory”.

Member of Laboratory Leadership Team (LLT), UK National Nuclear Laboratory, (2008-2011)

Chairman of Nuclear Industry Steering Committee for Post Graduate studies, University of Birmingham (2008-2012)

External Examiner for Masters in “Physics and Technology of Nuclear Reactors”, University of Birmingham (2004-2008)

Member of Post Graduate teaching and research steering committee, Imperial College, London (2009-2012)

Elected to the ANS Reactor Physics Division Program Committee (2010)

Nuclear Expert Commissioner of the Policy Commission on “Nuclear Power: What does the future hold?” at the University of Birmingham, UK.

Member of European Technical Safety Organisations Network (ETSON), on behalf of UK nuclear regulator (ONR). Provided evidence to the UK Royal Society on non-proliferation and future fuel cycle issues in their study on stewardship of the nuclear fuel cycle

Member of International Technical Programme Committee, Session Organizer and similar roles for “Advances in Nuclear Fuel Management”, including panel chair at ANFM-V, GLOBAL, PHYSOR, as well as numerous ANS events.

Member of the OECD-NEA Working Party on Scientific Issues of Reactor Systems (WPRS)

Member of the OECD-NEA Task Force on Reactor Based Plutonium Disposition (TFRPD)

Member of the OECD-NEA WPRS publication group “Minor Actinide Burning in Thermal Reactors”

Awarded Outstanding Reviewer status by Elsevier (2014)

Member of the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council Review College, UK (2009-present)

Member of the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) advisory panel on metrology for nuclear application

Member of the EURATOM Framework Program Review Committee

Member of the British Nuclear Energy Society’s Board of Trustees (2005-2008)