Amir Shehata

Amir Shehata

HPC Systems Engineer - Consultant

With over two decades of experience, Amir Shehata has honed his skills in various networking technologies as well as the Lustre file system. His proficiency extends to open-source kernel development and providing technical leadership in Lustre networking, making him a go-to professional in the field.
Amir excels in multi-threaded embedded development under Linux, programming in languages like C/C++, Python, and Java, and has a strong command of a variety of tools and compilers. His expertise also encompasses packet forwarding, IP networking, and router development, further enriching his development toolkit.
Throughout Amir’s career, he has thrived in geographically decentralized environments, consistently delivering quality software while working with diverse teams. His ability to gather customer requirements, translate them into engineering specifications, and oversee projects from planning to testing reflects his commitments to meeting deadlines and producing exceptional results.

May 2023 – Present

  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Oak Ridge, Tennessee
    • Developing alternative MPI software stack for the Frontier Supercomputer
    • Research and Development on Digital Twins
    • Research and Development on Quantum Computing

November 2021 –  May, 2023

  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory. PZI Contractor - Remote - Vancouver, BC, Canada
    • MPI and libfabric Design and Development
      • Leading the "Open MPI on the Frontier Super Computer" project
      • Perform project management duties
      • Write project requirements and high level designs
      • Integrate and customise Open MPI and libfabric for next generation Super Computers
      • Work with the open source community to upstream relevant features

March 2018– October 2021

March 2013 – March 2018

  • Intel Canada. Remote
    • Lustre Networking Software Engineer

April 2008 – February 2013

  • Ericsson Canada. Burnaby, BC
    • Senior Software Engineer, Forwarding Services Group
      • Developed IPv4 packet mirroring service in proprietary assembler language
      • Developed IPv4 and IPv6 Lawful Intercept service in proprietary assembler language
      • Worked as part of a team that designed and developed Quality of Service (QoS) control plane process. Process configures: Policing/Metering/Queuing/Classmaps/Redirect
      • Technical Lead on IPv4 packet redirect service project on next generation NPU
      • Triaged and fixed customer bugs
      • Spearheaded and continued as technical lead on the design and development of a Unit Test Framework to be used company wide. Responsibilities included: requirement gathering, design guidance, scheduling and resource allocation

August 2001 – January 2008

  • Radisys Corporation Canada (previously Convedia Corporation). Burnaby, BC
    • Software Engineer, Session Control Group
      • Worked on a Redundancy project to increase VoIP Media Server (MS) robustness
      • Developed an audio/video streaming engine (SE) for the MS
      • Part of a team that integrated an open source QuickTime library into the SE
      • Developed a caching module to enable the SE to read and locally cache HTTP audio files
      • Supported customers with SE issues
  • Convedia Corporation. Burnaby, BC
    • Software Engineer, Protocol Group
      • Selected the third party SIP Stack currently being used by the MS
      • Designed and implemented the SIP Stack interface module
      • Part of a team that ported open source VoiceXML interpreter to LynxOS
      • Designed and implemented a module that interfaces with the TTS and ASR engines using MRCP and RTSP to enable the MS to play Text-To-Speech elements and recognize speech

September 1999 – August 2000 (Co-op)

  • Brooks Automation Software Corp. Richmond, BC

March 1998 – August 1998 (Co-op)

  • Eclipsys Corporation (previously HealthVISION Corportation). Richmond, BC

1996 – 2001

Simon Fraser University. Burnaby, BC.

Bachelor of Science with a Degree in Computer Science.