Alex Lang

Nuclear Criticality Safety Engineer

Alexander Lang has been in the Nuclear Criticality Group at Oak Ridge National Laboratory since September 2020. Alexander performs modeling and analysis in this role to support criticality safety applications. In addition, Alexander manages the Department of Energy-Environmental Management Nuclear Criticality Safety Needs Program. In this role, he works with Environmental Management headquarters and sites to survey and address complex-wide nuclear criticality safety problems.

Prior, Alexander spent almost four years at General Electric Global Nuclear Fuels performing Integrated Safety Analysis and Criticality Safety Analysis for the fuel fabrication facility where uranium is processed from UF6 to BWR fuel bundles. Before that, he spent almost five years at Y-12 National Security Center. During his time at Y-12, Alexander began a rotational program where he performed work for Nuclear Criticality Safety, Non-Destructive Assessment, and systems engineering. After this program, he spent the rest of his time as a facility safety engineer supporting storage and transport facilities and performing hazard accident analysis.

He holds a Master of Science (2012) and a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering (2006). Both degrees were obtained at the University of Tennessee – Knoxville.