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Energy Efficient Manufacturing Science

Scaling up fiber and composite processing for energy application

The Energy Efficient Manufacturing Science Section focuses on the scale up of fiber and composite processing technologies for the fabrication of functional components in energy applications.

The section includes four groups: Advanced Composites Manufacturing, Advanced Fibers Manufacturing, Chemical Process Scale-Up and Manufacturing Energy Efficiency Analysis.

Researchers in the Advanced Composites Manufacturing Group develop manufacturing processes and conditions with the ultimate performance and properties of advanced multiphase materials focusing on metallic materials and polymer matrix composites. The Advanced Fibers Manufacturing Group develops scale up science and technologies for fiber manufacturing and associated fabrication of functional components for energy applications

Chemical Process Scale-Up Group research solves complex problems in chemical conversion to enable clean energy including renewable fuel production from bioenergy resources and net-zero carbon emissions from power generation. The Manufacturing Energy Efficiency Analysis Group develops analytical tools for energy use in traditional and advanced manufacturing processes and the potential for energy savings.