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Slide Rule for Nuclear Criticality Accident Response

Oak Ridge National Laboratory has developed rapid "in-hand" and electronic methods for estimating pertinent information needed to guide response team actions and help characterize some types of nuclear criticality accidents. The concept uses a series of sliding graphs that function similarly to a slide rule. This tool, which was developed with the promise that visual demonstration of trends (e.g., dose versus time or distance), is helpful to response personnel. The hand-held version provides rapid assessments for direct radiation approximations. The electronic version is useful for solving for parameters that are dependent upon independent specific parameters such as variable shielding, distances, and anticipated time related radiation doses to personnel. The course includes a review of the technical bases for the Slide Rule as well as instructions in the appropriate use of the hand-held and electronic Slide Rules. The Slide Rule is documented in NUREG/CR-6504 (ORNL/TM-13322) and is available from RSICC as CCC-704.

The registration fee for this course is $2,000.