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SCALE Criticality Safety Calculations

This training course, which is appropriate for novice through advanced users, provides instruction on the use of the CSAS criticality safety sequences in SCALE, which use KENO and Shift Monte Carlo codes for criticality safety calculations. 

KENO-V.a is a fast code that allows users to build complex geometry models using basic geometrical bodies such as cuboids, spheres, cylinders, hemispheres, and hemicylinders. KENO-VI is a 3D generalized geometry Monte Carlo code that allows for versatile modeling of complex geometries. Shift is available with both KENO-V.a and KENO-VI geometry capabilities. Both versions of KENO and Shift provide convenient, efficient methods for modeling repeated and nested geometry configurations such as lattices. Both versions of KENO and Shift can use ENDF/B-VIII.0 or ENDF/B-VII.1 cross-section data distributed with SCALE to perform either continuous energy (CE) or multigroup (MG) calculations. 

This training course uses the Fulcrum user interface for interactive model setup, 2D and 3D visualization, computation, and output review. Instruction is provided on the SCALE material input and resonance self-shielding capabilities and Fulcrum’s capabilities for visualizing fluxes, reaction rates, and cross-section data. 

The training is presented using SCALE 6.3.1. No prior knowledge of SCALE is required.