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CSAS6 Inputs: Read Me

CSAS6 Input files included in the Verified, Archived Library of Inputs and Data (VALID) as of August 29, 2016 August 29, 2016 Description ----------- The VALID library contains inputs and outputs that have been generated by a qualified originator and reviewed by a qualified reviewer. Only the inputs are distributed in this zip archive. All the inputs included in this zip file are experiments included on the International Handbook of Evaluated Criticality Safety Benchmark Experiments (ICSBEP Handbook). These files are made available for information only, and the quality assurance required to use these cases as part of a nuclear criticality safety analysis must be provided by the user/analyst. The models are not guaranteed to be accurate representations of the intended benchmarks. Many, but not all, of these benchmarks were used in the SCALE 6.1 Validation Report [ORNL/TM-2011/450 (Revised)]. A total of 57 different experiment models are included. These inputs are from HEU-MET-FAST, IEU-MET-FAST, and MIX-COMP-THERM systems. All of these inputs model the experiment in CSAS6/KENO-VI. Other zip files are available for a selection of CSAS5/KENO V.a experiments, TSUNAMI-3D-K5 inputs for those experiments, and the TSUNAMI-3D-K6 inputs for these CSAS6/KENO-VI experiments. For additional assistance, or to request the addition of a particular evaluation to the VALID library, contact the SCALE project at Installation and Use -------------------- The files are collected in a single, uncompressed zip file created on August 29, 2016 with a size of 119,266 bytes. The individual files are not compressed, and there is no internal directory structure in the zip file. Acknowledgement --------------- Many of the input files used in this effort were originally generated for other projects supported by the United States Department of Energy Nuclear Criticality Safety Program, the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, or the Yucca Mountain Project. Disclaimer ---------- These files were prepared as work sponsored by an agency of the U.S. Government. Neither the U.S. Government nor any agency thereof, or any of their employees, makes any warranty, express or implied, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy. Contents -------- The file names included in the zip are: HEU-MET-FAST-005-001.inp HEU-MET-FAST-005-002.inp HEU-MET-FAST-005-003.inp HEU-MET-FAST-005-004.inp HEU-MET-FAST-005-005.inp HEU-MET-FAST-005-006.inp HEU-MET-FAST-008-001.inp HEU-MET-FAST-009-001.inp HEU-MET-FAST-009-002.inp HEU-MET-FAST-010-001.inp HEU-MET-FAST-010-002.inp HEU-MET-FAST-011-001.inp HEU-MET-FAST-013-001.inp HEU-MET-FAST-024-001.inp HEU-MET-FAST-080-001.inp HEU-MET-FAST-086-001.inp HEU-MET-FAST-086-002.inp HEU-MET-FAST-086-003.inp HEU-MET-FAST-086-004.inp HEU-MET-FAST-086-005.inp HEU-MET-FAST-092-001.inp HEU-MET-FAST-092-002.inp HEU-MET-FAST-092-003.inp HEU-MET-FAST-092-004.inp HEU-MET-FAST-093-001.inp HEU-MET-FAST-094-001.inp HEU-MET-FAST-094-002.inp IEU-MET-FAST-019-001.inp IEU-MET-FAST-019-002.inp MIX-COMP-THERM-008-001.inp MIX-COMP-THERM-008-002.inp MIX-COMP-THERM-008-003.inp MIX-COMP-THERM-008-004.inp MIX-COMP-THERM-008-005.inp MIX-COMP-THERM-008-006.inp MIX-COMP-THERM-008-007.inp MIX-COMP-THERM-008-008.inp MIX-COMP-THERM-008-009.inp MIX-COMP-THERM-008-010.inp MIX-COMP-THERM-008-011.inp MIX-COMP-THERM-008-012.inp MIX-COMP-THERM-008-013.inp MIX-COMP-THERM-008-014.inp MIX-COMP-THERM-008-015.inp MIX-COMP-THERM-008-016.inp MIX-COMP-THERM-008-017.inp MIX-COMP-THERM-008-018.inp MIX-COMP-THERM-008-019.inp MIX-COMP-THERM-008-020.inp MIX-COMP-THERM-008-021.inp MIX-COMP-THERM-008-022.inp MIX-COMP-THERM-008-023.inp MIX-COMP-THERM-008-024.inp MIX-COMP-THERM-008-025.inp MIX-COMP-THERM-008-026.inp MIX-COMP-THERM-008-027.inp MIX-COMP-THERM-008-028.inp