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Water dynamics in pristine and porous Ti3C2Tx MXene as probed by quasielastic neutron scattering...

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Physical Review Materials
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MXenes are a novel class of two-dimensional (2D) materials whose applications in energy-storage systems have attracted substantial attention. Still, the rate performance of these materials is often diminished by sheet restacking, which is attenuated via controlled etching in H2SO4 solution. With this process, micropores are formed in MXene sheets that allow transport across 2D layers. As a result, the intercalation and diffusivity of ions are facilitated resulting in improved capacitance retention at high charge-discharge rates. In the present work, we used quasielastic neutron scattering to evaluate the potential changes in water dynamics as a consequence of this mechanism by assessing the behavior of weakly and strongly confined water populations in pristine and porous MXenes. First, we have found that the porous sample accommodates a noticeably higher content of both water populations. Additionally, the fraction of mobile molecules is higher either under strong or weak confinement. Interestingly, regardless of the abundance of weakly confined water in the porous sample, no considerable changes in the dynamical behavior were detected in comparison with the dynamics measured in the pristine material. For the strongly confined populations of water, our results show that water is able to permeate the micropores introduced by etching and perform unlocalized motions.