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Using Pulse Connect Secure© to Implement Multi-Factor Authentication Solutions...

by Paul B Nance
Publication Type
ORNL Report
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Pulse Connect Secure© (PCS) is a trusted platform for government agencies to provide secure access to web portals. As more and more accounts are being hacked, and web sites are being compromised, single-factor authentication with a username and password has become insufficient to adequately protect authenticated web portals. Multi-factor authentication (MFA), granting user access only when two or more independent pieces of information are presented, has become a necessary tool in the prevention of security breaches.
This paper provides an overview of three MFA solutions that utilize the features of PCS. Categories include Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card authentication, service provider initiated (SP–initiated) Security Assertion Markup Language based (SAML–based) authentication, and identity provider initiated (IdP–initiated) SAML–based authentication.