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Update on the High Precision Titration Method for Uranium Assay Supported by NBL Program Office...

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Conference Paper
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INMM Proceedings
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INMM Annual Meeting Proceedings
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New Jersey, United States of America
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INMM & ESARDA Joint Annual Meeting
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Virtual meeting, Austria
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The NBL Program Office (NBL PO) has coordinated with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) to implement the High Precision Titration (HPT) method for uranium assay measurements. The measurement method has been successfully developed and qualified, therefore ORNL has progressed to performing analyzes critical to the mission of the NBL PO. The HPT method is vital to producing the next generation of certified reference materials for uranium assay and isotopic abundance. The work described here focused on establishing traceability of the method to the NIST SRM 136 potassium dichromate series, and focused on investigating small differences between SRM 136e and 136f. The NBL PO evaluated the history of all of its primary uranium reference materials, including CRM 112A natural uranium metal, and worked with NIST in investigating the small differences in the dichromate SRM’s. ORNL performed comparative experiments on SRM 136e and 136f using CRM 112A. The results of the experiment will be presented here, along with NBL PO’s plans to re-evaluate the CRM 112A certified uncertainty to comply with JCGM 100, “Guide to the expression of uncertainty in measurement.”