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Unveiling User Behavior on Summit Login Nodes as a User...

by Sean R Wilkinson, Ketan C Maheshwari, Rafael Ferreira Da Silva
Publication Type
Conference Paper
Book Title
ICCS 2022: Computational Science – ICCS 2022
Publication Date
Page Numbers
516 to 529
Publisher Location
Cham, Switzerland
Conference Name
The International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS)
Conference Location
London, United Kingdom
Conference Sponsor
Conference Date

We observe and analyze usage of the login nodes of the leadership class Summit supercomputer from the perspective of an ordinary user—not a system administrator—by periodically sampling user activities (job queues, running processes, etc.) for two full years (2020–2021). Our findings unveil key usage patterns that evidence misuse of the system, including gaming the policies, impairing I/O performance, and using login nodes as a sole computing resource. Our analysis highlights observed patterns for the execution of complex computations (workflows), which are key for processing large-scale applications.