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Transport model predictions of 225Ac production cross sections via energetic p, d and α irradiation of 232Th targets

by Naser T Burahmah, Justin R Griswold, Lawrence H Heilbronn, Saed Mirzadeh
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Applied Radiation and Isotopes
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Monte Carlo transport codes PHITS and MCNP6 were used to calculate the production cross sections of 225,227Ac, 227,229Th, 223,225Ra, and 229,230,231Pa via the bombardment of a232Th target with energetic protons, deuterons, and α-particles. The incident projectile energies ranged between 10 and 800 MeV/nucleon. When possible, the predicted production cross sections were compared with the available experimental data and other predictions. The degree of the codes' abilities to match the measured data provides a qualitative assessment of the codes’ abilities to predict data from similar, but unmeasured, projectile/target systems. In addition, a comparison between calculated cross sections and data may provide insight into possible improvements in the physics models employed by those transport codes.