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Transcriptome Analysis Reveals Response Regulator So2426-mediated Gene Expression In Shewanella Oneidensis Mr-1 Under Chromate Challenge

by Karuna Chourey, Wei Wei, Xiu-feng Wan, Dorothea Thompson
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BMC Genomics
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Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 exhibits diverse metal ion-reducing capabilities and thus is of potential utility as a bioremediation agent. Knowledge of the molecular components and regulatory mechanisms dictating cellular responses to heavy metal stress, however, remains incomplete. In a previous work, the S. oneidensis so2426 gene, annotated as a DNA-binding response regulator, was demonstrated to be specifically responsive at both the transcript and protein levels to acute chromate [Cr(VI)] challenge. To delineate the cellular function of SO2426 and its contribution to metal stress response, we integrated genetic and physiological approaches with a genome-wide screen for target gene candidates comprising the SO2426 regulon.