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Synthesis of a Ferrolite: A Zeolitic All-Iron Containing Framework...

Publication Type
Journal Name
Angewandte Chemie International Edition
Publication Date
Page Numbers
13195 to 13199

Crystals of the first sodalite-type zeolite containing an all-iron framework, a ferrolite, Ba8(Fe12O24)Nay(OH)6·xH2O, were synthesized using the hydroflux method in nearly quantitative yield. Ba8(Fe12O24)Nay(OH)6·xH2O crystallizes in the cubic space group Pm3m with a=10.0476(1) . Slightly distorted FeO4 tetrahedra are linked to form Fe4O4 and Fe6O6 rings, which in turn yield channels and
internal cavities that are characteristic of the sodalite structure. Barium, sodium, and hydroxide ions and water molecules are found in the channels and provide charge balance. Magnetic measurements indicate that the ferrolite exhibits magnetic order up to at least 700 K, with the field-cooled and zero-fieldcooled curves diverging. Analysis of the 57Fe Mçssbauer spectra revealed two spectral components that have equal spectral areas, indicating the presence of two subsets of iron centers in the structure. Dehydrated versions of the ferrolite were also prepared by heating the sample.