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Surface plasmon enhanced fast electron emission from metallised fibre optic nanotips...

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New Journal of Physics
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Physical mechanisms of electron emission from fibre optic nanotips, namely, tunnelling, multi-photon, and thermionic emission, either prevent fast switching or require intense laser fields. Time-resolved electron emission from nano-sized sources finds applications ranging from material characterisation to fundamental studies of quantum coherence. We present a nano-sized electron source capable of fast-switching (≤1 ns) that can be driven with low-power femtosecond lasers. The physical mechanism that can explain emission at low laser power is surface plasmon enhanced above-threshold photoemission. An electron emission peak is observed and provides support for resonant plasmonic excitation. The electron source is a metal-coated optical fibre tapered into a nano-sized tip. The fibre is flexible and back illuminated facilitating ease of positioning. The source operates with a few nJ per laser pulse, making this a versatile emitter that enables nanometrology, multisource electron-lithography and scanning probe microscopy.