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Qualification of the U.S. Conductors for ITER TF Magnet System...

by Nicolai Martovetsky, Wayne T Reiersen, Graeme R Murdoch, P. Bruzzone, B. Stepanov
Publication Type
Conference Paper
Journal Name
IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science
Publication Date
Page Numbers
1477 to 1483
Conference Name
Symposium On Fusion Energy 2017
Conference Location
Shanghai, China
Conference Sponsor
Conference Date

The U.S. Domestic Agency is one of the six suppliers of the toroidal field (TF) conductor for ITER. To qualify conductors per ITER requirements, we prepared or provided to the Swiss Plasma Center (SPC) eight test articles, sixteen conductors total, that were tested in the SULTAN facility at SPC in the ITER relevant conditions. The strands that were used in these SULTAN samples were fully characterized in the laboratories. In this paper, we report both test results and analysis of the conductors' performance against expected strand performance. The U.S. TF conductors showed a slightly better than average current sharing temperature and a relatively low sensitivity to warm up-cooldown cycles in comparison with other suppliers' conductors. However, the trend in current sharing temperature versus cycles and warm ups did not saturate, which means a continuing slow degradation of the conductor performance if the number of warm up and cooldown cycles will be significantly higher than expected. The ac losses in the U.S. TF conductors are in line with losses in the other TF conductor suppliers.