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Oval-cycloidal Magnetic Structure with Phase-shift in the Non-centrosymmetric Tetragonal Compound CePdSi 3...

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Journal of the Physical Society of Japan
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CePdSi3 with H // [100] exhibits multiple metamagnetic transitions. Since there is no frustration in this system, it is suggested that the origin of the multiple metamagnetic transitions is the influence of the antisymmetric spin–orbit interaction. To clarify the magnetic structure under the influence of the antisymmetric spin–orbit interaction, neutron diffraction experiments have been performed using single crystal samples of CePdSi3. There are observed magnetic reflections with incommensurate magnetic propagation vector q=(0.315,0,0) in the phase I. In addition, additional magnetic reflections were also observed in the phase III. The magnetic structure was found to be an oval-cycloidal structure at the phase III in CePdSi3, and we discuss the origin of the unusual magnetic structure.