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Out-of-equilibrium Majorana zero modes in interacting Kitaev chains...

by Bradraj Pandey, Narayan Mohanta, Elbio R Dagotto
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Physical Review B
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We employ a time-dependent real-space local density-of-states method to study the movement and fusion of Majorana zero modes in the one-dimensional interacting Kitaev model, based on the time evolution of many-body states. We analyze the dynamics and both fusion channels of Majoranas using time-dependent potentials, either creating walls or wells. For fast moving Majoranas, we unveil nonequilibrium signatures of the “strong-zero-mode” operator (quasiparity degeneracy in the full spectrum) and its breakdown in the presence of repulsive Coulomb interactions. Focusing on forming a full electron after fusion, we also discuss the upper and lower limits on the Majorana speed needed to reduce nonadiabatic effects and to avoid poisoning due to decoherence.