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Operation of the superconducting linac at the spallation neutron source...

Publication Type
Conference Paper
Journal Name
Advances in Cryogenic Engineering
Publication Date
Page Numbers
1586 to 1593
Conference Name
Cryogenic Engineering Conference
Conference Location
Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States of America
Conference Date

At the Spallation Neutron Source, the first fully operational pulsed superconducting
linac has been active for about two years. During this period, stable beam operation at 4.4
K has been achieved with beam for repetition rates up to 15 Hz and 30 Hz at 2.1 K. At the
lower temperature 60 Hz RF pulses have been also used. Full beam energy has been
achieved at 15 Hz and short beam pulses. Most of the time the superconducting cavities are
operated at somewhat lower gradients to improve reliability. A large amount of data has
been collected on the pulsed behavior of cavities and SRF modules at various repetition
rates and at various temperatures. This experience will be of great value in determining
future optimizations of SNS as well in guiding in the design and operation of future pulsed
superconducting linacs. This paper describes the details of the cryogenic system and RF
properties of the SNS superconducting linac.