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OctoFAS: A Two-Level Fair Scheduler That Increases Fairness in Network-Based Key-Value Storage...

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We identified a fairness problem in a network-based key-value storage system using Intel Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK) in a multitenant environment. In such an environment, each tenant’s I/O service rate is not fairly guaranteed compared to that of other tenants. To address the fairness problem, we propose OctoFAS, a two-level fair scheduler designed to improve overall throughput and fairness among tenants. The two-level scheduler of OctoFAS consists of (i) inter-core scheduling and (ii) intra-core scheduling. Through inter-core scheduling, OctoFAS addresses the load imbalance problem that is inherent in SPDK on the storage server by dynamically migrating I/O requests from overloaded cores to underloaded cores, thereby increasing overall throughput. Intra-core scheduling prioritizes handling requests from starving tenants over well-fed tenants within core-specific event queues to ensure fair I/O services among multiple tenants. OctoFAS is deployed on a Linux cluster with SPDK. Through extensive evaluations, we found that OctoFAS ensures that the total system throughput remains high and balanced, while enhancing fairness by approximately 10% compared to the baseline, when both scheduling levels operate in a hybrid fashion.