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Observation of Current-Driven Features of 2.5 Mev Ion Bunch With Complete and Efficient 5D Measurements at the SNS Beam Test Facility

by Kiersten J Ruisard, Alexander V Aleksandrov, Sarah Mariehelen Cousineau, Austin M Hoover, Alexander P Zhukov
Publication Type
Conference Paper
Book Title
Proceedings of 31st International Linear Accelerator Conference
Publication Date
Page Numbers
541 to 544
Publisher Location
Geneva, Switzerland
Conference Name
Linac 2022: International Linear Accelerator Conference
Conference Location
Liverpool, United Kingdom
Conference Sponsor
Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC), The Cockcroft Institute, John Adams Institute
Conference Date

The SNS Beam Test Facility research program is focused detailed studies of beam distributions for medium-energy ion beams, with the goal of reconstructing realistic 6D bunch distributions to enable halo prediction. For complete characterization of the initial distribution, scan time scales exponentially with scan dimension. Currently, a full 6D measurement with ~10 points across most dimensions requires 30 hours. However, measurement of the 5D distribution f(x, x’,y,y’,w) can be done very rapidly using a hybrid slit/screen method. This approach requires ~4 hours to obtain at least 32 points/dimension, with very high resolution (0.5 keV) in the energy distribution. This presentation reports on the approach and results for 5D characterization of the initial RFQ-formed bunch. This includes higher-resolution views of previously reported transverse-longitudinal dependence and additional interplane dependencies that were not previously reported.