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NGEE Arctic Data Management - status and planned activities for 2013...

by Ranjeet Devarakonda, Thomas A Boden, Giri Prakash, Misha B Krassovski, Terri S Velliquette
Publication Type
Conference Paper
Publication Date
Conference Name
U.S. Department of Energy- 2013 TES/SFA Joint PI Meeting
Conference Location
Potomac, Maryland, United States of America
Conference Date

The open sharing of data and informa1on among the NGEE Team, the broader scien1fic community, and the public is cri1cal to mee1ng the scien1fic goals of the Next-­‐Genera1on Ecosystem Experiment (NGEE) Arc1c project. In implemen1ng the integrated approach, the project is genera1ng diverse data sets from observa1ons, experiments, and models across field plot, polygonal landform, regional, and global scales and is drawing in a wealth of exis1ng data products collected and generated by other research organiza1ons across the Arc1c. Developing the data management infrastructure to support this approach is a significant challenge. Nonetheless, the NGEE Arc1c project is commiHed to upholding a rigorous and high-­‐quality data management strategy and the implementa1on of that strategy in an innova1ve, cost-­‐effec1ve data collec1on, management, distribu1on, and archival framework. The NGEE Arc1c Data Portal will support the current research in Barrow and provide a consistent framework to support future research efforts as they expand to other regions.