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Neutronics Calculations to Support SNS Accelerator Facility...

by Irina I Popova, Phillip D Ferguson, Franz X Gallmeier, John D Galambos, George W Dodson
Publication Type
Conference Paper
Publication Date
Page Numbers
520 to 522
Conference Name
11th Europian Particle Accelerator Conference
Conference Location
Genoa, Italy
Conference Date

The Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) accelerator is a neutron scattering facility for materials research that recently started operations. After commissioning facility started up at low power and is presently in the process of power ramp-up to reach mega-watt power level within a year in cycles of operations and maintenance and tuning periods.
Extensive neutronics work for shielding development and dose rates prediction during operation and after shut down around and inside the accelerator was performed during machine design and construction and during commissioning for local shielding near beam termination points. However, now when the facility successfully operates there is steel demand for neutronics analyses for radiation-protection support, which comes from the redesigning some parts of facility, designing additional structures, designing compartments for accelerator structures testing and verification and code validation analyses on the base of the measured data.