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A Multicomponent Reactive Transport Model for Integrated Surface-Subsurface Hydrology Problems...

by Sergi Molins, Daniil Svyatskiy, Zexuan Xu, Ethan T Coon, J. David Moulton
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Water Resources Research
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1 to 16

Despite the widespread use of integrated hydrology models in a variety of applications, consideration of multicomponent reactive transport is still not common. The implementation of these processes requires coupling transport at the surface-subsurface interface and efficient solution of the non-linear geochemical model that is consistent with the integrated hydrology solution. The Advanced Terrestrial Simulator provides a flexible multiphysics framework that facilitated this process. In this work, the integrated reactive transport process kernel (PK) was weakly coupled to the integrated hydrology PK. In turn, integrated transport and reactions were coupled using an operator splitting approach. This splitting enabled an explicit solution of the integrated transport problem, including a novel algorithm to calculate exchange fluxes across the surface-subsurface interface and a point-by-point solution of the geochemical problem. Geochemical capabilities were added using well-established external codes, but rather than using a custom interface to each, a generic interface was used that clearly specifies the variables and operations used by the chemistry PK. The implementation is demonstrated with two example simulations: transport of a tracer in a soil column as it saturates over time and water ponds on the surface and reactive transport in a hillslope driven by successive wet-dry cycles that result in infiltration, runoff and exfiltration processes.