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Microbial assimilation of lignin-derived aromatic compounds and conversion to value-added products...

by Christopher C Azubuike, Marco N Allemann, Joshua K Michener
Publication Type
Journal Name
Current Opinion in Microbiology
Publication Date
Page Numbers
64 to 72

Lignin is an abundant and sustainable source of aromatic compounds that can be converted to value-added products. However, lignin is underutilized, since depolymerization produces a complex mixture of aromatic compounds that is difficult to convert to a single product. Microbial conversion of mixed aromatic substrates provides a potential solution to this conversion challenge. Recent advances have expanded the range of lignin-derived aromatic substrates that can be assimilated and demonstrated efficient conversion via central metabolism to new potential products. The development of additional non-model microbial hosts and genetic tools for these hosts have accelerated engineering efforts. However, yields with real depolymerized lignin are still low, and additional work will be required to achieve viable conversion processes.