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Machine Intelligence-Centered System for Automated Characterization of Functional Materials and Interfaces

by Eric S Muckley, Rama K Vasudevan, Bobby G Sumpter, Rigoberto C Advincula, Ilia N Ivanov
Publication Type
Journal Name
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Publication Date
Page Numbers
2329 to 2340

Classic design of experiment relies on a time-intensive workflow that requires planning, data interpretation, and hypothesis building by experienced researchers. Here, we describe an integrated, machine-intelligent experimental system which enables simultaneous dynamic tests of electrical, optical, gravimetric, and viscoelastic properties of materials under a programmable dynamic environment. Specially designed software controls the experiment and performs on-the-fly extensive data analysis and dynamic modeling, real-time iterative feedback for dynamic control of experimental conditions, and rapid visualization of experimental results. The system operates with minimal human intervention and enables time-efficient characterization of complex dynamic multifunctional environmental responses of materials with simultaneous data processing and analytics. The system provides a viable platform for artificial intelligence (AI)-centered material characterization, which, when coupled with an AI-controlled synthesis system, could lead to accelerated discovery of multifunctional materials.