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The linear phase correction of modulation of intensity emerging from zero effort (MIEZE) with magnetic Wollaston prisms...

by Fankang Li
Publication Type
Journal Name
Journal of Applied Crystallography
Publication Date
Page Numbers
90 to 97

This study proposes the use of two magnetic Wollaston prisms (MWPs) to correct for the linear Larmor phase aberration of modulation of intensity emerging from zero effort (MIEZE), introduced by the transverse size of the sample. With this approach, the contrast of the intensity modulation can be maximized at any scattering angle of interest such that the same contrast as the direct transmission geometry can be fully recovered. The optimum magnetic fields required for the MWPs depend only on the scattering angle and the frequencies of the radio-frequency flippers, and they are independent of the neutron wavelength and beam divergence, which makes the approach suitable for both pulsed and continuous neutron sources.