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Levels in Cd125 populated by the β decay of Ag125m and Ag125...

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Physical Review C
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The β decay of 125m,125Ag into levels in 125Cd was investigated at the Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility (HRIBF). Uranium-238 targets were bombarded with 50-MeV protons with an intensity of 15μA, and the induced fission products were mass separated and deposited on a moving tape in the center of the VANDLE array consisting of γ detectors and plastic scintillators. A partial decay scheme has been assigned for both β decay of the (9/2+) ground state of 125Ag and its low-lying (1/2−) isomer, with the energy of the low-lying (11/2−) isomeric state in 125Cd assigned as 188.5 keV. In addition, β-delayed neutron emission probabilities were also determined to be 1.2(2)% for the (9/2+) 125Ag ground state and 4.6(10)% for the (1/2−) isomer, which are substantially lower than the previously reported value.