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International interlaboratory compilation of trace element concentrations in the CUP-2 uranium ore concentrate standard...

by Debra A Bostick, Cole R Hexel, Benjamin T Manard, Brian W Ticknor
Publication Type
Journal Name
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry
Publication Date
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1 to 16

A nuclear forensics investigation involving a uranium ore concentrate relies on accurate and precise analysis of impurities. Analytical data defensibility requires the use of reference materials as part of quality control. This study presents a compilation of trace element concentration results of the CUP-2 Uranium Ore Concentrate Standard measured by 11 different laboratories. The laboratories employed various dissolution methods, analytical preparation methods, and instrumental platforms. The data presented here contain concentrations of 66 impurities with up to 138 individual data points for each impurity. Consensus values have been assigned to each impurity following a statistical analysis of the data set.