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Insights into the thermal history of carbon fibers using Raman spectroscopy and a novel kinetic model

by Zachary E Brubaker, Andrew J Miskowiec, Jennifer L Niedziela
Publication Type
Journal Name
Journal of Materials Science
Publication Date
Page Numbers
7613 to 7619

Carbon fibers and carbon fiber composites are applied in high-performance applications, but a key consideration for application is their relative sensitivity to oxidative environments. To enable in-situ characterization of carbon fibers exposed to oxidative conditions, the Raman spectral response of T700 carbon fibers that have been exposed to a variety of dwell temperatures is reported herein with dwell times reaching up to 1 month. We evaluate the spectra holistically by using integrated absolute difference analysis. By combining this analysis with straightforward kinetic models, we connect the total Raman spectral response to the temperature-time curve that could yield such a shift in spectral parameters. Our work connects the Raman spectral response of carbon fibers to their thermal history and can easily be extended to other graphitic materials, such as nuclear graphite.