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Incommensurate magnetism in K2MnS2−xSex and prospects for tunable frustration in a triangular lattice of pseudo-1D spin cha...

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Physical Review Materials
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We report a detailed investigation of K2MnS2 and K2MnSe2 from the K2MnS2 structure type and their magnetic solid solution K2MnS2−xSex and find that compounds of this structure type consist of strongly coupled pseudo-one-dimensional antiferromagnetic chains that collectively represent a frustrated two-dimensional triangular antiferromagnet. Bulk samples of K2MnS2−xSex with 0≤x≤2 are characterized using x-ray diffraction, neutron diffraction, magnetization, and heat-capacity measurements. An incommensurate cycloid magnetic structure with a magnetic propagation vector k=[0.5801] is observed for all samples in K2MnS2−xSex, and the ordering is robust despite a 12% increase in cell volume. Geometric frustration of chains results in incommensurability along a and a two-step magnetic transition. The varying geometries accessible in compounds of this structure type are presented as promising avenues to tune frustration.