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Improving User Notification on Frequently Changing HPC Environments...

by Christopher B Fuson, William A Renaud, James R Wynne Iii
Publication Type
Conference Paper
Publication Date
Conference Name
Cray User Group 2016
Conference Location
London, United Kingdom
Conference Date

Today’s HPC centers’ user environments can be very complex. Centers often contain multiple large complicated computational systems each with their own user environment. Changes to a system’s environment can be very impactful; however, a center’s user environment is, in one-way or another, frequently changing. Because of this, it is vital for centers to notify users of change. For users, untracked changes can be costly, resulting in unnecessary debug time as well as wasting valuable compute allocations and research time. Communicating frequent change to diverse user communities is a common and ongoing task for HPC centers. This paper will cover the OLCF’s current processes and methods used to communicate change to users of the center’s large Cray systems and supporting resources. The paper will share lessons learned and goals as well as practices, tools, and methods used to continually improve and reach members of the OLCF user community.