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HLPW-4/GMGW-3: High-Order Discretization Technology Focus Group Workshop Summary

by Marshall Galbraith, Steve L Karman
Publication Type
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AIAA Journal of Aircraft
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1 to 13

This paper summarizes the High-Order Technical Focus Group (HO-TFG) submissions for the joint 4th AIAA High Lift Prediction (HLPW-4) and 3rd Geometry and Mesh Generation Workshop (GMGW-3). The goal of the workshop was to assess the state-of-the-art in mesh generation and computational fluid dynamics software. The Common Research Model High-Lift (CRM-HL) variant served as the primary focus of the workshop, and a two-dimensional airfoil section from the CRM-HL was used as a verification test case. The HO-TFG was tasked with generating high-order curved meshes for both geometries, and computing high-order solutions using both Reynolds-averaged Navier–Stokes and scale-resolving formulations. While limited by computational resources, the final results demonstrate the potential of higher-order methods to increase solution accuracy with a lower degree-of-freedom count relative to second-order discretizations.