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A flexible neutron spectrometer concept with a new ultra-high field steady-state vertical-bore magnet

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Review of Scientific Instruments
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The proposed facility explores materials under ultra-high magnetic fields. By combining the power of high fields to tune materials and of neutron scattering to probe the resulting changes down to the atomic scale, this facility will enable transformative progress in the study of quantum materials and is named for the “TITAN” subset of Greek gods to reflect this transformation. TITAN will offer DC magnetic fields up to at least 20 T. Exploiting the record brightness and bandwidth of the Second Target Station at the Spallation Neutron Source, TITAN will probe atomic-scale responses through high efficiency neutron spectroscopy up to 80 meV energy transfer, high resolution diffraction, and small angle neutron scattering. Focusing neutron optics will maximize flux on accurately positioned samples, while radial collimation and optimized shielding and detection strategies will minimize backgrounds.