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Fiber Orientation Evaluation in Reinforced Composites using Digital Image Correlation...

by Ryan Spencer, Ahmed A Hassen, Uday K Vaidya
Publication Type
Conference Paper
Book Title
ASNT Research Symposium Proceedings
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Conference Name
ASNT Research Symposium
Conference Location
Virtual, Ohio, United States of America
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This paper presents an innovative nondestructive evaluation (NDE) approach to evaluate fiber orientation in fiber reinforced composites utilizing digital image correlation (DIC). Fiber orientation is a crucial factor that influences the mechanical and thermal properties of the composite. Conventional methods for fiber orientation evaluation and measurement are either destructive, which are typically laborious. NDE methods such as micro computed tomography are expensive and limited in sample size. In this work, we evaluate two methods of excitation of the composite, namely-quasistatic mechanical loading and thermal cycling. Digital Image Correlation (DIC) has been employed in conjunction for fiber orientation measurements. The DIC system is able to measure the fiber orientation by capturing 19x higher strain in the transverse direction of the reinforced fiber axis during excitation. The larger strain occurs in the transverse direction due to larger elongation in the surrounding polymer matrix than the fiber which resists elongation. This innovative method is within the preliminary stage and has been developed to fill the gap/limitations of other NDE methods.