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Farysia magdalena sp. nov. and description of the anamorph of Anthracocystis heteropogonicola from the Americas...

by Tomas A Rush, Sebastian Albu, Eeratas Kijpornyongpan, M Aime
Publication Type
Journal Name
Mycological Progress
Publication Date
Page Numbers
921 to 934

Several interesting Ustilaginaceae yeast morphs were isolated during ongoing surveys of phylloplane-associated fungi in Louisiana (USA) and Guyana. Here we describe Farysia magdalena sp. nov., a phylloplane yeast isolated in southern Louisiana, based on phylogenetic analyses, assimilation profiles and morphological characters, and discuss the yeast morphs in this genus. Additionally, we describe the anamorphic stage of Anthracocystis heteropogonicola, isolated from plant phylloplanes from the Americas. This is the first report of this fungus in the Western Hemisphere and the first description of the yeast morph for a species of Anthracocystis.