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Evidence for an odd-parity nematic phase above the charge-density-wave transition in a kagome metal...

Publication Type
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Nature Physics
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40 to 46

The search for quantum states arising from the interplay between correlation, frustration and topology is a central topic for condensed-matter physics. Recently discovered non-magnetic kagome metals AV3Sb5 (A = K, Cs or Rb) with charge-density-wave and superconducting instabilities may host such exotic states. Here we report evidence that an odd-parity electronic nematic state emerges at a higher temperature than the charge density wave in CsV3Sb5. Our torque measurements reveal a two-fold in-plane magnetic anisotropy that breaks the crystal rotational symmetry. Moreover, in the temperature range between the formation of the charge density wave and a nematic state, rotating an external magnetic field in a conical fashion yields a distinct first-order phase transition, indicating time-reversal symmetry breaking. These results provide thermodynamic evidence for the emergence of an odd-parity nematic order. In addition, elastoresistance shows no discernible anomalies near the onset of nematicity, consistent with the odd-parity order. These findings suggest that an exotic loop current state precedes the charge-density-wave transition in CsV3Sb5.