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Effectiveness of Advanced Three Fluid Heat and Mass Exchanger...

Publication Type
Conference Paper
Journal Name
ASHRAE Transactions
Publication Date
Conference Name
2021 ASHRAE Annual Conference
Conference Location
Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America
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Conference Date

Advanced internally-cooled membraned-based heat and mass exchangers (HMX), which accounts for three separate fluid streams, are capable of utilizing the sensible and latent heat removed from spacecooling to heat water. The technology provides a unique approach of enhancing the efficiency and cost effectiveness of future HVAC equipment. This paper aims to numerically identify and understand the impact of geometric size, operation conditions, and membrane properties on the overall effectiveness of three-fluid HMXs. The simulations are based on an ORNL in-house open-source HMX model which is capable of simulating such three-fluid HMX components for various flow patterns. The results are expected to enable detailed configuration evaluation and provide in-depth understanding of optimal three-fluid HMX performance at cost effectiveness.