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Development of a novel, windowless, amorphous selenium based photodetector for use in liquid noble detectors

by Michael Rooks, Jonathan Asaadi, Michael T Febbraro
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Journal of Instrumentation
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Detection of the vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) scintillation light produced by liquid noble elements is a central challenge in order to fully exploit the available timing, topological, and calorimetric information in detectors leveraging these media. In this paper, we characterize a novel, windowless amorphous selenium based photodetector with direct sensitivity to VUV light. We present here the manufacturing and experimental setup used to operate this detector at low transport electric fields (2.7–5.2 V/μm) and across a wide range of temperatures (77 K–290 K). This work shows that the first proof-of-principle windowless amorphous selenium device is robust under cryogenic conditions, responsive to VUV light at cryogenic temperatures, and preserves argon purity. These findings motivate a continued exploration of amorphous selenium devices for simultaneous detection of scintillation light and ionization charge in noble element detectors.