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Detailed characterization of a five-dimensional phase space distribution

by Austin M Hoover, Alexander V Aleksandrov, Alexander P Zhukov, Kiersten J Ruisard, Sarah Mariehelen Cousineau
Publication Type
Conference Paper
Book Title
14th International Particle Accelerator Conference
Publication Date
Page Numbers
2717 to 2720
Publisher Location
Geneva, Switzerland
Conference Name
International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC)
Conference Location
Venice, Italy
Conference Sponsor
Conference Date

We image the five-dimensional phase space distribution of a hadron beam in unprecedented detail. The resolution and dynamic range of the measurement are sufficient to resolve sharp, high-dimensional features in low-density regions of phase space. We develop several visualization techniques, including non-planar slicing, to facilitate the identification and analysis of such features. We use these techniques to examine the transverse dependence of longitudinal hollowing and the longitudinal dependence of transverse hollowing in the distribution. Our results strengthen the claim that low-dimensional projections do not adequately characterize high-dimensional phase space distributions.