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Design new epoxy nanocomposite coatings based on metal vanadium oxy-phosphate M0.5VOPO4 for anti-corrosion applications...

by M A Deyab, Q Mohsen, Rachid Essehli
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Scientific Reports
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Epoxy nanocomposite coatings are an essential way to protect petroleum storage tanks from corrosion. For this purpose, the new nanocomposite epoxy coatings (P-M/epoxy composites) have been successfully designed. The P-M/epoxy composites are based on the metal vanadium oxy-phosphate M0.5VOPO4 (where M = Mg, Ni, and Zn). The function of P-M/epoxy composites as anti-corrosion coatings was explored using electrochemical and mechanical tests. Using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS), it has been noticed that the pore resistance and polarization resistance of the P-M/epoxy composites remain higher as compared to the neat epoxy. The P-M/epoxy composites have the greatest impact on the cathodic dis-bonded area and water absorption. Besides, P-M/epoxy composites exhibit a very high order of mechanical properties. Further, Mg0.5VOPO4 has the greatest effect on the anti-corrosion properties of epoxy coating followed by Zn0.5VOPO4 and Ni0.5VOPO4. All these properties lead to developing effective anti-corrosion coatings. Thus, the net result from this research work is highly promising and provides a potential for future works on the anti-corrosion coating.